Affectionately known as Queen of the Skies, such is Sarah’s extensive knowledge of celestial formations and the dramatic colours reflected across the clouds. This might appear romantic, but so precise is her work that she is regularly commissioned by jet pilots. Sarah specialises in working with traditional pigments applied to damp lime plaster and undertakes mural commissions in a variety of techniques, including oil and acrylic.

She studied design at Chelsea School of Art before pursuing independent studies in fresco painting techniques before embarking visiting towns and cities in northern Italy, studying church frescoes from which she learnt a treat deal about the subtleties of depicting skies and clouds and how light affects our mood and or response to our location.

Sarah’s many commission for private, commercial and public clients have included a series of screens and a ceiling for the Victoria and Albert Museum, paintings for a Hospital Arts Project at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton, the summer sky within the Summer House at Buckingham Palace, a series of screens for a private client and painted ceilings and floors for two London shops.